1000's Of The Best Smoothie Recipes At Your Fingertips!

The Best Smoothie Recipes for Healthy Living!

Are you looking for ways to create fast and healthy smoothies? If so, then you've come to the right place!

Smoothies are ideal for replacing meals, for a nutritious treat or even for a fast meal on the run.

A smoothie is a delicious drink made with various fruits and vegetables blended perfectly into a smooth liquid. It's just like a milkshake packed with nutrients...and it's healthy for you.

Your healthy smoothie can include protein powders or a variety of other nutritious products in order to create a smoothie that's healthy and tastes great.


The Best Smoothie Recipes...
All In One Place

Best-Smoothie-Recipes.com is loaded with a variety of different smoothies to satisfy your appetite! We have everything from fruit smoothies to dessert smoothies to very healthy Vega Smoothies. That's right! Even kale and spinach can be added to a child's smoothie without them knowing!

Our smoothies website has helpful tips on how to create healthy, delicious smoothies that are simple to make. There are tips on how to freeze fruit, the best blender to use to make your smoothie very smooth, and if you have 1 or 2 favorite smoothie recipes that you would like to share, we even have a place for that!

If you have a freezer, a blender and some creative energy, you can whip up a favorite smoothie in minutes, including clean-up.

So drop your bacon, eggs and coffee and switch over to a healthy smoothie! They're also a great snack or post-workout treat your body will love!

If you prepare food for a family, smoothies are a great meal or snack; and if you're eating solo, smoothies are a quick meal that you can prepare in no time at all.

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Smoothie Recipe Blog
The Smoothie Recipe Blog publishes healthy smoothie recipes, news about the art of creating great smoothies, and blender reviews from best-smoothie-recipes.com. Subscribe here!
Submit a Recipe
Submit a Recipe to share with others!
Basic Smoothie Ingredients
Basic Smoothie Ingredients for delicious, healthy smoothies at home!
Kids Recipes for making Healthy, Delicious Smoothies
Kids Recipes for making Healthy, Delicious Smoothies
Fruit Smoothie Recipes
Delicious, healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth and appetite!
Wild Smoothie Recipes
Wild Smoothie Recipes! Combine whatever you find in the fridge and make a delicious smoothie!
Party Smoothies
Party Smoothies. Margaritas smooties aren`t the only smoothies for your party!
Vega Smoothie Recipes
Vega brand sports nutrition products create these delicious Vega smoothie Recipes!
Dessert Smoothies and Dessert Smoothie Recipes
Dessert Smoothie Recipes for creating delicious dessert smoothies
Renegade Health Smoothie Recipes
Kevin Gianni of Renegade Health .com shares his favorite recipes from his book, Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health.
How To Freeze Fruit
How to freeze fruit for a delicious fruit smoothie!
Smoothie Recipe Tips
Smoothie Recipe Tips and ideas to make great smoothies at home!
Smoothie Blenders
Smoothie Blenders for Delicious Homemade Smoothies!
The Best Protein Powder for Your Smoothies
The Best Protein Powder for Your Smoothies
Milk Alternatives
This page features information about many different types of milk and milk alternatives - from cows milk to soy milk - most of which you can make at home!
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