Banana Mint Smoothie

Banana Mint Smoothie

3 large bananas
1 cup water
1 small handful fresh mint leaves

Blend and enjoy this Banana Mint Smoothie!

Makes 2 servings

If you want a richer ice-cream-like texture, freeze your bananas (peel them first!). Also, use milk instead of water.

Another option is to throw in some frozen kale. You won't taste it and it adds all kinds of amazing nutrients for your amazing body and your amazing mind. Get some kale in your smoothie and it'll help keep you satisfied long after breakfast.

I always encourage people to grow their own mint. Just keep it watered and it'll take care of itself, growing like crazy in your back yard or on a window sill. You can just pluck a handful anytime you need a refreshing drink or an addition to a meal like spring rolls.

Mint makes a delicious, refreshing drink simply soaked in water, and you can freeze that mint-infused water as ice cubes for use in smoothies or with plain spring water.

Your body is going to love this!

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